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"The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts, and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs."

- George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), Middlemarch

David Nurenberg is a professor, educational consultant and writer in the Boston area who teaches courses at both the high school and graduate level.

Teacher, English Department

Concord-Carlisle High School

Concord, MA 01742

(978) 318-1400


Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education

Lesley University

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 868-9600

EEDUC 5060: Teaching English in grades 8-12

EEDUC 6201: Cultures of the high school

EEDUC 6203: Principles of teaching, learning and assessment in the inclusive secondary classroom

EEDUC 6205: Engaging high school learners through inquiry and pro-social management

EEDUC 6215: Effective management of secondary inclusive classrooms

Representative sample of recent publications:

Nurenberg, D. (2015). Credited contributions to Jablon, P. (2015). The Synergy of inquiry: Engaging students in deep learning across the content areas. (p.108-114,p.137-139,142-144, and Appendix E: 136-147). Huntington Beach, CA: Shell Education Publications. 

Nurenberg, D. (2014) The power of positive affinity groups: A sci-fi solution to bullying.  American Secondary Education (42)3,p.5-17.

Nurenberg, D. (2011). What does injustice have to do with me? A pedagogy of the privileged. Harvard Educational Review (81)1,50-64.

Nurenberg, D. (2010). It takes more than saying honey to make your mouth sweet -- The necessity of multiparty cooperation to promote peace in a US/Turkmen student exchange program.Multicultural Review (19)3, 17-44.

Nurenberg. D. (2010) A study of the effects of peaceable schools curricula on an urban middle school.  Dissertation Abstract International, 71/07.  (AAT 3409046)

Nurenberg, D. (2008) Towards a typology of peace education.  The Peace Chronicle(7)2, 25-38.

Nurenberg, D. (2007). Unhistoric acts. Peacework, 377, July-Aug.

Nurenberg, D. (2007). Writing to change the world. Peacework, 377, July-Aug.

Nurenberg, D. (2007) World literature: Opening the global window. Presentation for US State Dept/IREX TEA (Teaching Excellence and Achievement) closing conference.  August 23-26.  Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska.  Link to supplementary video here.

Selection of recent published fiction:

Nurenberg, D. (2011).  Silent knife.  Atlanta: White Wolf.

Nurenberg, D. (2005) The fragile light. USA: Xlibris.

David Nurenberg's published rpg work at

Exchange program work with Japan:

Promotional video about the Concord-Nanae sister school exchange program that I coordinate.

Articles about our Japan exchange delegations from 2011, 2012, 2013,, and 2014, as well as an article about our fundraising efforts for the 2011 tsunami victims.

Website of the sister-city program of which we are a part, along with its youtube channel.

Exchange program work with Turkmenistan:

Boston Globe, 5/15/08 - Article about my first teacher exchange trip to Turkmenistan

Promotional video of Turkmenistan student exchange - Promotional video about the Concord/Balkanabat student exchange I created

Concord Journal, 10/23/2008 - Article about the first student exchange

Carlisle Mosquito, 1/30/2009 - Article about the first student exchange

MTA Today Feb 2009 - Article about the second student exchange (Download the Jan/Feb/March 2010 issue.  Article is on page #5 of the PDF)

Carlisle Mosquito, 4/2/2010 - Article about the SSLP teacher exchange to Turkmensitan that I led

Concord Journal, 4/8/2010 - - Article about the SSLP teacher exchange to Turkmensitan that I led

Boston Globe, 4/11/2010 - Article about the SSLP teacher exchange to Turkmensitan that I led (scroll for a bit to find it)

Promotional video of SSLP exchange - Video of this exchange

Carlisle Mosquito, 11/5/2010 -Article about the visit of Turkmen teachers to Concord and Boston that I coordinated

Charlestown Patch, 11/8/2010  - Article (and video) about the visit of Turkmen teachers to Concord and Boston that I coordinated

Concord Journal, 11/9/10 - Article about the visit of Turkmen teachers to Concord and Boston that I coordinated

Boston Globe, 10/21/2010 -Article about the visit of Turkmen teachers to Concord and Boston that I coordinated

Grants and Awards:

Harry S. Levitan Prize for Excellence and Leadership in Education, Brandeis University, 2014.

Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan Travel Grant to Represent the United States at the Global Conference on Education, Sport and Tourism in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 2013.

Boston Curtis Foundation Grant to build and execute the G.L.O.B.E. Consortium's Global Studies class for students from four Boston area high schools. 2013.

US State Dept/IREX Teachers for Global Classrooms Alumni Small Grants to expand World Literature programming. Spring 2011, Fall 2012.

First prize, Diversity/Empowerment (non-professional) Category, Alliance for Community Media Northeast Video Festival. 2010.

US State Dept/SSLP (Secondary Schools Linkages Program) Grant for Teacher exchange with school in Turkmenistan. Spring 2010, Fall 2010

US State Dept/IREX Teaching Excellence and Achievement Grant forteacher exchange in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan. Spring 2008.

Ruettgers Foundation Grant to design and teach after-school semester course, "Images of War in Literature and the Media." Spring 2004.

Concord Education Fund Grant to create and teach a World Literature course. Spring 2004. 

Diane A. Rottenberg Davis Memorial Endowment Prize in Education, Brandeis University. Spring 1999.

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